BF Gear Tick tick remover

Ticks are a nuisance to pets from spring to late autumn. They lurk in shadowy grass, waiting for the right animal to pass by so they can burrow into its fur and suck on its blood. Ticks spread unpleasant diseases, which is why any ticks should be detached from your pet as quickly as possible. There are also different ways of protecting your pet against ticks before they can attach themselves onto its skin.

  • A handy device for detaching ticks from you pet's skin
  • Suited for both dogs and cats
  • Seasonal product

Use: Push the spring loop open and place it around the tick as close to the skin as possible. Touch the tick with the green tip and release the button, tightening the loop. Hold the spring perpendicular to the skin. Twist the spring around itself between your fingers and after one whole turn, lift the tick from the skin. Do not press the tick. Finally, thoroughly clean the area of the bite.

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