BF Gear Care ear cleaner for dogs and cats 50 ml

With high-quality, safe tools and products, taking care of your pet's fur and skin is easy and maintains the health and well-being of the pet.

  • Ear cleaning solution for dogs and cats
  • Insert about 5–10 drops of the solution in the ears, massage the ears from the outside, and remove the loosened dirt
  • Recommended to be used once a week or when necessary
  • 50 ml

Use: Carefully insert 5–10 drops in the ear canal and thoroughly massage the ear from the outside. The treatment makes the pet shake its head which loosens the dirt in the ear. Remove any visible loose dirt in and around the ear. The ears should be cleaned about once a week or when necessary. If the ear is infected or shows signs of ear mites, contact a veterinarian.

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