Fresh & Easy cat litter

Best Friend Fresh & Easy contains an innovation which improves the functionality of the litter in two ways. Best Friend Fresh & Easy is made of diatomaceous sand with added Microbial Shield acidity control. Thanks to the new, special ingredient, Fresh & Easy is now even more effective in preventing bacterial growth and the formation of mould by creating an environment that is unsuitable for them. The acidity control also slows down the formation of the odour-causing ammonia.

  • Long-lasting cat litter
  • Made of diatomaceous sand
  • Very absorbent
  • Effectively absorbs odours
  • Fresh & Easy is always dry and fresh, thanks to its effective absorption and outstanding odour prevention
  • The Microbial Shield acidity control prevents bacterial growth and the formation of mould
  • Package sizes 5 l, 10 l and 15 l

Use: Pour about 5 cm of Fresh & Easy on the bottom of the litter box. Remove solid excrement with a litter scoop and mix the litter every now and then to ensure long-lasting use. Change all the litter every 20–30 days or when necessary and disinfect the litter box at the same time.

Store: Once opened, store in a dry place and keep the package closed. Store unopened packages in a dry place.

Disposal: With household waste. Do not pour cat litter in the sewer.

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