BF Easy cat sandbox coverbag 20 pcs

Everyday life with cats is easier with high-quality cat hygiene products. Choosing suitable litter and equipment that is easy to clean ensures that the cat does its business in the correct place and that unpleasant odours do not spread in the house.

  • Protective bag for a cat's litter tray made of 60% recycled plastic
  • Recycled plastic is a sustainable choise which reduces the environmental load
  • Placed in a clean litter box and filled with litter
  • Hygienic: the used litter is easy to replace with the help of the bag
  • Suited for a 55 x 45 cm litter box or smaller
  • Package contains 20 pcs of protective bags

Use: Place the bag in a clean litter box and fill it with litter. When you want to clean the litter box, lift our the bag and replace it with a new bag and new litter.

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