Chilly soft toy

Soft toys are great for carrying, shaking and chasing around! A toy with a familiar smell can serve as a comfort for dogs, especially as a puppy moving to a new home or for visits to unaccustomed places, such as the vet.

We test our toys regularly for harmful chemicals.

  • Tempting plush toys for different size of dogs
  • Made of luxurious, furry material with silver details and different sounds:
    • Bottle toy height 35 cm, with crunchy bottle inside
    • Toys with long legs without any squeaker, height 27 cm
    • Chubby toys with squeaker, height 30 cm

Use: Even the strongest pet toy can break up while playing. You should always supervise your pet while playing, as it may swallow pieces of the toy. Never let your pet play with broken toys.

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