Cattia Spring Fresh Cat Litter

Best Friend Cattia cat litter is prepared from 100% natural materials, with no added ingredients. Thanks to the unique composition, its odour-locking capacitity is superior and keeps the litter box fresh and odour-free. Cattia cat litter is highly economical. It lasts for weeks in one-cat households. With it being 99% dust-free, changing the litter is a more pleasant task. Furthermore, no litter gets carried into the apartment in the cat's paws.

Best Friend Cattia is made purely of natural montmorillonite

Tests prove that this fine-grained cat litter can absorb odours much more effectively than traditional bentonite-based litter

When activated, the litter releases a fresh scent

Excellent clumping means the litter is extremely economical and easy to use

What’s more, changing the 99% dust-free litter is no trouble at all

Available in 5l and 10l bags

Use: Pour about 7 cm of Cattia litter on the bottom of the litter box. Remove any clumps and solid excrement regularly with a litter scoop and add new litter when necessary. Disinfect the litter box sufficiently often. Pregnant women should avoid direct contact with cat excrement and use protective gloves or a litter scoop when cleaning the box. Cats may sometimes have trouble adjusting to new litter. If so, we recommend starting by mixing some of the previously used product with some of the new Cattia litter in the box.

Store: Once opened, store in a dry place and keep the package closed. Store unopened packages in a dry place.

Disposal: With household waste. Do not pour cat litter in the sewer.

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