BF Cattia Eco Light 5L cat litter

Best Friend Cattia cat litter is made of 100 % natural clay hormite, which weighs 40 % less than traditional bentonites. The highest absorption in clumping cat litters, that means less consumption and extra effective odor control. The lowest environmental impact throughout its lifecycle compared to traditional bentonites. *Research conducted by PWC- Ecobilan. 

PriceWaterhouse Coopers conducted a comparative analysis of the life cycle of this product (from mine to customer) and conclusions are clear and objective. The product is, among natural clumping clays, the most “eco-friendly”.

•70% reduction on CO2 •55% reduction on water consumption •35% less urban wastage

  • Easy to carry home 
  • Effective odor control
  • Less consumption
  • Made of 100% natural hormite
  • Eco-friendly
  • Clumping
  • Light
  • Package sizes 5 l

Use: Pour about 5 cm of Cattia Eco Light litter on the bottom of the litter box. Remove any clumps and solid excrement regularly with a litter scoop and add new litter when necessary. Disinfect the litter box sufficiently often. Pregnant women should avoid direct contact with cat excrement and use protective gloves or a litter scoop when cleaning the box. Cats may sometimes have trouble adjusting to new litter. If so, we recommend starting by mixing some of the previously used product with some of the new Cattia litter in the box.

Store: Once opened, store in a dry place and keep the package closed. Store unopened packages in a dry place.

Disposal: With household waste. Do not pour cat litter in the sewer.

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