BF Bones Superfood chewstick + berries 84g

By chewing on polyphenols. Bilberry, cranberry and raspberry contain plenty of different polyphenols that give the berry powder used in the product its dark colour. The darker the berry, the more healthy polyphenols it contains. Best Friend Superfood crush bars contain unpeeled superberries. Berry skins have power: plenty of flavonoids!

  • Superberries + clean teeth and fresh breath
  • Chew suited for all dogs
  • For low bite force
  • Contains berries
  • Package sizes 84 g

Use: Make sure your dog always has access to fresh water. Offer 1–2 chews per day, depending on the dog's size. Remember to supervise your dog when it has a chew product. Because the chew contains berries, it may release some colour.

Store: In a dry, cool place.

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