BF Bilanx Grain Free - Sterilized

Bilanx Grain Free Sterilized is the perfect complete nutrition for sterilised and castrated indoor and outdoor cats. Balanced nutrition is extremely important for cats. That is why up to 90% of the protein in the food is animal protein. The food contains 40% chicken. Lower energy levels and added L-Carnitine help control the cat's weight after sterilisation. Bilanx Grain Free Sterilised contains 9% fat; no grain or gluten. The food is also suited for all overweight cats. Bilanx Grain Free contains both added and natural taurine.

The tasty kibbles of Bilanx take care of your cat's wellbeing throughout its life. The quality of the veterinarian-designed products is constantly supervised, tested and developed. Available gluten and grain free.

  • Complete nutrition for castrated, sterilised and overweight adult cats
  • Only contains 9% fat; no grain
  • 90% animal protein
  • Very tasty and easily digested
  • Low energy content and added L-Carnitine help maintain ideal weight after surgery
  • Composition acidifies urine and prevents struvite crystals in healthy adult cats
  • Package sizes 750 g

Ingredients: Processed and hydrolysed (cut up) animal protein (40 % chicken), potato starch, pea starch, sugar beet fibre, fish powder, cat grass (alfalfa), animal fat (chicken fat), lignocellulose (fibre), salmon oil (cold-pressed), brewing yeast, eggs, chicory inulin, fructo-oligosaccharides, mojave yucca.

Nutritional values: Metabolisable energy 351 Kcal/100 g, Protein 35.0 %, Fat content 9.0 %, Crude fibre 6.0 %, Crude ash 6.0 %, Moisture content 9.0 %, Calcium 0.8 %, Phosphorus 0.6 %, Magnesium 0.08 %, Taurine 0.20 %, L-carnitine 0.06 %.

Additives: Vitamins: Vitamin A 21000 IU/IE/KG, Vitamin D3 2100I U/IE/KG, Vitamin E/alfa-tokoferol 210 IU/IE/KG, Vitamin B1 3.5 mg/KG, vitamin B2 14 mg/KG, Vitamin B6 2.8 mg/KG, Vitamin B12 0.14 mg/KG, Biotin 0.04 mg/KG, Niacin 30.1 mg/KG, D pantonthenic acid 42 mg/KG, Folic acid 0.56 mg/KG, EU antioxidants and EU preservatives.

Trace elements: E2 iodine (I) 8.0 mg/KG, E6 zinc (ZnSO4) 272 mg/KG, E8 selenium (Na2SeO3) 0.22 mg/KG

Use: We recommend giving your cat two balanced portions of food per day. Make sure the cat always has access to fresh drinking water. Bilanx is ready to be served as is or moistened with warm bouillon/water.

Portions: The instructions in the chart are approximate and the portion may vary up to +/-25% depending on the cat's sex, age and amount of exercise.

Size of cat (kg)   äivittäDaily portion (g)
1–2   15–35
3–4   50–65
5–6   85–100
7–8   120–135
9–10   155–170
1 dl=48 g    

Store: In a dry, cool place.

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