BF Lost Buddies RASCALS soft toy

Best Friend Lost Buddies is a toy series that wants to embrace the spririt of sustainability. Natural or recycled materials are handpicked for each toy in order to breath life into their unique characters. Variety of eco-friendly materials have been used in the creation process. BF Lost Buddies series has toys for both dogs and cats.

Will you be our new Best Friend?

ARNOLD the Toothless Alligator

”One day I found myself in the sewers. The ride down the tubes was a long and scary one. I’m starting to get kinda old, almost all my teeth are gone already. Would you like an old champ like me, as your new Best Friend?”

I’m made of Recycled PET Bottle Fabric and Organic Cotton.

RANDY the Greedy Rat

”The streets are my hoods, so I know my way around the mouse traps. Cheese is my all time favorite. I’ve been feeling quite lonely lately, will you be my new Best Friend?”

I’m made of Recycled PET Bottle Fabric & Organic Cotton.

100% recycled PET fabric is made from recycled PET bottles. Once the PET bottles are turned into polyester fabric, the characteristics of the fabric become like any other polyester and are just as safe for use. The fabrics are GRS – Global Recycling Standards certified.

Organic cotton is an eco-friendly and sustainable material. It comes with a GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard certification. It is a natural, biodegradable material and no pesticides are used in its growing process. Pesticides strip the soils off nutrition and also remove all the worms that are beneficial for the eco system. As a natural material it is toxin free.

The dyes used in materials are also toxin free.

Filling in all toys is recycled polyester.

Use: Even the strongest pet toy can break up while playing. You should always supervise your pet while playing, as it may swallow pieces of the toy. Never let your pet play with broken toys.

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