BF Lost Buddies CRAWLIES cat toy

Best Friend Lost Buddies is a toy series that wants to embrace the spririt of sustainability. Natural or recycled materials are handpicked for each toy in order to breath life into their unique characters. Variety of eco-friendly materials have been used in the creation process. BF Lost Buddies series has toys for both dogs and cats.

Will you be our new Best Friend?

LILY the Lively Ladybug

”I love to roll around. I’m curious to see what’s behind each new corner, each new road. I keep buzzing around all the time so I need someone playfull to keep me company.
Could I be your new Best Friend?”

I’m made of Upcycled Wool.

CARLOS the Hissing Cockroach

”Now you see me and now you don’t. Most people think, that I prefer darkness in order to do mischiefs, but truthfully it’s simply because of my eyes. The bright lights people shine at me, make my eyes sore. Therefore I gotz to run before the light hits me.. hiss.”
Do you dare to have me as your new Best Friend?”

I’m made of Upcycled Wool.

Upcycled wool fabric contains 70% upcycled wool and 30% mixed fibres. In the upcycled wool discarded woolens are used to recreate new yarn which at the end turns into fabric. By upcycling this way the material can be used several times in different products, so no more single use products!

The dyes used in materials are also toxin free.

Filling in all toys is recycled polyester.

Use: Even the strongest pet toy can break up while playing. You should always supervise your pet while playing, as it may swallow pieces of the toy. Never let your pet play with broken toys.

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