Best Friend chicken&fish for sterilized cats 2kg

Nordic freshness, taste from authentic quality ingredients and apprecation for the local producers.
We don’t compromise on quality, therefore sustainability and responsibility are close to our hearts. Produced by environmentally friendly wind power at our own factory in Denmark.

Our recipe is designed for sterilized adult cats regardless of breed. Freshly added chicken liver and hearts are a nutritious and easily digestible protein and guarantee an excellent taste. The essential omega-3 fatty acids in salmon oil support the well-being of fur and skin. Fibers and prebiotics help support digestion and maintain intestinal well-being. Cellulose fiber also helps prevent the formation of hairballs.

Composition: Processed animal protein (poultry/chicken, 34%), maize, rice, beet pulp, alfalfa (dried), chicken fat, fresh chicken liver and hearts (4%), fish meal (4%), maize protein, cellulose fibre, minerals, salmon oil (cold pressed 0,5%), mojave yucca (0,01%).

Analytical constituents: Metabolizable energy 364 Kcal/100 g, Protein 33,0 %, Fat content 11,0 %, Crude fibre 5,0 %, t Crude ash7,5 %, Moisture 5,5 %, Calcium 1,1 %, f Phosphorus 0,9 %, m Magnesium 0,1 %, Taurine 0,1 %.

Additives: Vitamin A 18000 IU/IE/KG, Vitamin D3 1800 IU/IE/KG, Vitamin E (alfa-tokoferol) 180 IU/IE/KG, Vitamin B1 3,0 mg/KG, Vitamin B2 12 mg/KG, Vitamin B6 2,4 mg/KG, Vitamin B12 0,12 mg/KG, Biotin 0,03 mg/KG, Niacin 25,8 mg/KG, Calcium-D-Pantothenate 36 mg/KG, Folic acid 0,48 mg/KG, Choline chloride 2400 mg/KG, EU antioxidants and EU preservatives.

Trace elements: 3b202 Calcium iodate, water free 6,68 mg/KG, 3b406 Copper chelate of amino acids hydrate 1,00 mg/KG, 3b605 Zinc sulphate, monohydrate 233,28 mg/KG, 3b801 Sodium selenite 0,19 mg/KG, 3b8.12 Selenomethionine 0,013 mg/KG.

Fatty acids: Omega-3 fatty acids, calculated 3,68 g/KG, Omega-6 fatty acids, calculated 21,37 g/KG

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