Best Friend Circle scarf with Insect Shield treatment

This versatile scarf will protect you or your pet from sunshine and provide warmth in cold weather. It protects the fur of long-haired or long-eared dogs from dirt. It also protects pets and owners from ticks and other unpleasant insects. That is why it is excellent for spending time in the forest, for example berry picking or hunting. The scarf’s comfortable and soft material is 100% polyester. The scarf is available in multiple colours.

This product has been treated with Insect Shield Technology, fixing the the active substance into the scarf which lasts for the expected lifetime of the product.

  • Flexible and versatile circle scarf for both pets and owners
  • Size 28 x 48 cm
  • Material 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Insect Shield® technology last the expected lifetime of the product.

* Active Substance - Permethrin
* May cause skin irritation
* Not recommended for cats

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