Best Friend Gear Tick repeller

Ticks are a nuisance to pets from spring to late autumn. They lurk in shadowy grass, waiting for the right animal to pass by so they can burrow into its fur and suck on its blood. Ticks spread unpleasant diseases, which is why any ticks should be detached from your pet as quickly as possible. There are also different ways of protecting your pet against ticks before they can attach themselves onto its skin.

  • Electronic tick repellent for dogs and cats
  • Works by emitting an ultrasound which disrupts the sensory receptors of the tick
  • Eco-friendly, completely non-toxic and harmless to both pets and people
  • Placed on the pet's collar
  • Battery lasts for about 10 months, non-replaceable
  • Seasonal product

Use: Remove the red plastic strip. The red LED light will blink 10 times before turning itself off. The product is now activated. Attach the product onto the dog's or cat's collar with the black hole facing the fur. The product should always be used when outdoors, but it is also recommended to be used indoors to prevent any ticks in the fur from attaching themselves to the skin. The repellent works in an area of about 3 m3. The lithium battery lasts for about 10 months and is non-replaceable. The product contains a small hole. By pressing through the hole with a thin pick, you can test the functionality of the battery. Do not test the battery needlessly as it will shorten the operational life of the battery. The product can withstand some splatter but must not be submerged when swimming, for instance. Clean the dirty product with a damp cloth. Safe to use, does not contain toxic chemicals.

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