Balance Adult Complete Nutrition

BF Balance Adult 10kg
BF Balance Adult 10kg

Use: Can be served as is or moistened with water or bouillon.ä/lihaliemellä Make sure the dog always has access to fresh water.ä koiralla on aina raikasta vettä

Portions: The instructions are approximate. The exact amount of food depends on the dog's age, activity level and breed. Give your adult dog the amount of food indicated in the chart in 1–2 portions per day.

Tip: Weigh your dog once a month. If the dog starts to gain weight, reduce the daily portion of food by 25%. If the dog starts to lose weight, increase the daily portion by 25%.

Size of the dog (kg)   Daily portion of food (g)
1–2   30–50
3–4   65–80
4–5   85–100
6–7   115–130
8–9   140–155
10–13   165–180
14–18   210–250
19–25   270–330
26–35   340–425
36–45   440–510
46–55   525–600
56–65   610–680
66–75   690–750
75+   760+

Store: Unopened in a dry, cool place. Once opened, keep package tightly closed. Avoid direct sunlight.

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