Brainy-legetøj til hunde

Forskellige typer aktiveringslegetøj/aktiviseringsleker giver/gir hunden en passende hjernegymna- stik. De egner sig også til leg/leking på egen hånd, og forebygger dermed frustrationer hos hunden. Problemløsning udvikler hundens tankevirksomhed og selvtillid.

Vi tester regelmæssigt vores legetøj for skadelige kemikalier.

  • Wooden activity toy for dogs
  • Fun and challenging activity
  • You can hide treats in the toy
  • Safe design, does not contain loose parts
  • Changing selection

Use: Hide treats in the toy's holes and let your dog find them! The dog learns to push the spinning top of the toy with its snout or paw to find the treats. It is also easy to teach the dog obedience and different commands while playing with it by sharing a toy. A simple activity toy is particularly suited for puppies and beginners but can also be used with cats, for instance.

This toy is durable but it may still break. Always supervise the pet while it is playing with the toy. Never let your pet play with broken toys.

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