Bilanx Hypoallergenic

Bilanx Hypoallergenic is designed for hypersensitive cats. Proteins may cause allergies, but when treated properly, i.e. hydrolysed, they degrade and no longer cause allergies. Contains easily digested ingredients: hydrolysed ingredients from fish, as well as yeast and chicken. Does not contain wheat, gluten or GMO ingredients.

The tasty kibbles of Bilanx take care of your cat's wellbeing throughout its life. The quality of the veterinarian-designed products is constantly supervised, tested and developed.

  • A special diet for adult cats with nutritional needs related to their skin, fur, digestion, hypersensitivity towards certain ingredients, or allergies
  • Eases the cat's symptoms of allergy and hypersensitivity
  • Contains easily digested ingredients
  • The source of carbohydrate is parboiled rice
  • Skin and fur balance is maintained by omega-3 and omega-6, zinc methionine, lecithin, necessary amino acids and vitamins
  • Does not contain wheat, gluten or GMO ingredients
  • Package sizes 750 g

Use: We recommend giving your cat two balanced portions of food per day. Make sure the cat always has access to fresh drinking water.

Portions: The instructions in the chart are approximate and the portion may vary up to +/-25% depending on the cat's sex, age and amount of exercise.

Size of cat (kg)   äivittäDaily portion (g)
1–2   15–30
3–4   45–60
5–6   75–90
7–8   105–120
9–10   135–150
1 dl=45 g    

Store: In a cool, dry place, protected from strong odours.

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