BF Bilanx kalapaloja herkullisessa kastikkeessa 12 x 100 g

Bilanx fish bites in a delicious sauce; high-quality complete nutrition for cats. It is particularly developed for picky cats and contains all the nutrients your cat needs.

  • Scrumptious fish bites in a delicious sauce
  • Loved by even the pickiest of cats
  • Flavours in the package are 3 x Salmon, 3 x Tuna, 3 x Trout, 3 x Shrimp
  • Package sizes 12 x 100 g portion pack selection

Use: Steamed fish bites in sauce. Delicious served with Bilanx kibble. Always have fresh water available.

Portions: Served at room temperature. 2–4 bags per day divided into two servings for an adult cat weighing 3–5 kg. There may be differences between cats depending on the breed, activity level, age and environmental conditions.

Store: Unopened in a dry, cool place. Store an opened package in a refrigerator (+4°C) and use it within 48 hours.

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