Best Friend Origins Digestive treat makupala - kanaa höystettynä bataatilla, kurpitsan- ja fenkolinsiemenillä 90g


We believe all dogs are worthy of rewards.

But areour rewards worthy of our dogs?

Unlike traditional dog treats, we never use mixed meats. We only use a single protein source, which helps to ease digestion and minimize food allergies, and carefully selected ingredients to promote overall health. And they taste great, the way a treat should.

Good deeds deserve good rewards.

Reward your dog with the very best.

Gently oven-roasted delicious treats.

Only pure and simple ingredients.

Animal protein from single source and no soy.

No artificial colourants, flavours or preservatives.

Sourced and crafted in Ireland for great taste.

Chicken treat for sensitive dogs.

Helps to support digestion when things might get messy. Flavoured with sweet potato and fennel seeds as excellent sources of fibres. A pinch of pumpkin seeds containing natural and essential fatty acids.

Finished with plenty of stomach-friendly oat flakes. Soft and easy to chop into pieces texture. A treat for daily rewarding or indulging.

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