Best Friend Bred LED-lyshalsbånd til hunde

Praktisk LED hundehalsbånd der kan tilpasses i størrelsen.

  • 70 cm bredt og kan tilpasses i længden
  • Til hunde i forskellige størrelser
  • Velegnet til hunde med lang pels
  • Genopladeligt
  • Oplader medfølger
  • Ass. farver

Safety: Do not attach a lead to the lighted collar. Only use the collar in accordance with these instructions If you let someone else use the product, make sure they are familiar with these instructions and the proper use of the product. Children should only use the product under the supervision of an adult. Protect the product from heat, external blows or dropping it as it may break. The product is suited for temperatures from -20 to +40 C°. Always check that the product functions properly before using it. Only charge the battery according to these instructions or you may risk a short-circuit or an electric shock (see technical information). Should the collar break or get thoroughly wet so that the water penetrates it, the collar must be removed from further use or checked by a professional electrician before further use.

Use: Read the instructions carefully. Gently remove the product from the package. Attach the USB cable to the collar and to a USB gate in your computer or other device (1). The light in the LED lighted collar will turn itself off when the product is fully charged (charging time about 1–1.5 h). Measure around your dog's neck with a measuring tape or by trying the collar on the dog. Do not make the collar too tight; you should be able to fit at least two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck. Cut the collar to the correct length between the LED lights at the end marked with a picture of scissors (2). Remove the end of the plastic buckle from the part you cut off and attach it to the new end of the collar (3). The light is now operational. You can turn the light on and off by pressing on the on/off button (4). You can adjust the light from steady to blinking from the same button. The light will last about 2–4 hours between charging, depending on use. The visibility of the light is about 500 m, depending on the charging and environmental factors.

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