Best Friend Gear is a diverse range of supplies for dogs and cats. The high-quality products are designed to be durable.  The easy-to-use, safe products in adjustable sizes are pleasant to use every day. The collection includes many colours and sizes to suit dogs and cats of different sizes and breeds.

Gear Reflective collar

Gear Reflective half-choke collar

Gear Reflective harness

Gear Reflective leash

Gear Reflective multipurpose leash

Gear Outdoor collar

Gear Outdoor chain collar

Gear Outdoor half-choke chain collar

Gear Ergonomic collar

Gear Elegance dog collar

Gear Ergonomic Y-Harness

Gear Outdoor leash

Gear Outdoor multipurpose leash

Gear show leash

Gear Outdoor rope leash

Gear Hunting collar

Gear Hunting dog whistle

Gear Hunting info reflector

Gear Hunting leash

Gear Hunting reflector

Gear Hunting high visibility leash

Gear Hunting retriever leash

Gear Hunting tracking line

Gear Hunting high visibility collar

Gear Outdoor Retriever leash

Gear life jacket

Gear high visibility vest

Gear blinking light

Gear LED light

Gear degradable dog waste bag

Gear dog waste bag holder

Gear hygienic briefs for bitches

Gear Stake and cable 12 m

Gear stainless steel bowl

Gear stainless steel non-slip bowl

Gear travel bowl

Gear Paw plastic bowl

Gear Paw 2 x 0.33l plastic bowl

Gear Oval plastic bowl

Gear Travel bed for dogs

Gear Traveller Open top pet carrier

Gear Traveller pet carrier

Gear Clean two-in-one shampoo 250ml

Gear Clean general purpose shampoo 250ml

Gear Clean eucalyptus shampoo 250ml

Wax paw ointment 50ml

Gear Care ear cleanser for dogs and cats 50ml

Gear Care eye cleanser for dogs and cats 50ml

Gear comb

Gear brush with metal spikes

Gear brush

Gear double-sided brush

Gear slicker brush

Gear undercoat rake

Gear dematting rake

Gear nail clipper

Gear Stop! dog and cat repellent 100ml

Gear Tick tick remover

Gear Tick Repeller

Gear Outdoor gear set for cats

Gear Elegance cat collar

Gear Outdoor cat collar

Gear Outdoor reflective cat collar

Gear Outdoor cat harness

Gear Outdoor cat leash

Gear Paw 0.2l plastic bowl

Gear Wave plastic bowl

Gear Twin 2 x 0.2l plastic bowl

Gear Cat Scratcher Tree

Gear Scratch cat scratch board

Gear Felix cat litter tray

Gear Felina cat toilet

Gear Kitty cat litter tray

Gear cat comb

Gear soft brush

Gear nail scissors for cats

Gear undercoat rake S