Bilanx does not compromise on quality!

BILANX is one of the tastiest dry foods for cats currently on the market. There is a product for each stage in the cat’s life. BILANX is a veterinarian developed and is under constant monitoring, testing and product development.

Bilanx Grain free & Sterlized

Bilanx Grain Free

Bilanx Chicken

Bilanx Salmon

Bilanx Sterilized Low fat

Bilanx Kitten

Bilanx Sensitive

Bilanx Senior

Bilanx Veterinarian Weight Reduction 750g

Bilanx Veterinarian Hypoallergenic 750g

Bilanx Fish Chunks in delicious sauce 12x100g

Bilanx meat chunks in delicious sauce 12 x 100g

Bilanx Stix rich in Fish 3-pack

Bilanx Stix with Liver 3-pack

Bilanx Stix with Chicken&Duck 3-pack

Bilanx Energy Snax 100g

Bilanx Light Snax 100g

Bilanx Taurin Snax with chicken & cheese 50g

Bilanx Anti hairball Snax with beef & malt 50g

Bilanx Snax with Omega-3 & Taurine 35g

Bilanx Happy Snax with meat 50g

Bilanx Happy Snax with fish 50g

Bilanx Happy Snax with cheese flavor 50g

Bilanx Happy Snax with chicken